Travelling with Kids: Which Carrier to Take?

The summer is fast approaching and our thoughts are turning to family holidays – whether you’re travelling abroad or staycation-ing, heading off to seek the sun or venturing somewhere cooler, the question of which carrier to take is always at the forefront of our minds! We have gathered together some tips from the team here at Oscha to help you decide what to take.

Slings are a great option for travelling families, making it easy to navigate busy airports & unfamiliar streets while making sure you see all the sights along with your little ones. With buggies a pain to take on trains and planes and not allowed at all at some attractions, a sling can be great for families who want to travel with their kids.
Wraps, ring slings and carriers all have their benefits, each can be more suited to certain types of activities, trips & climates: here is a run down of the pros and cons of each carrier type to help you choose which Oscha to pack for your holidays …

Woven Wraps:

Perfect for trips:

  • With lots of walking and sightseeing
  • Where you have a little more time to get your little one up and down
  • Where you have lots of different activities planned – they are the most versatile carrier


  • Perfect for longer, more comfortable carries when seeing the sights
  • Multi-layer carries can add extra support for a comfier carry
  • Easy to adjust to suit your needs
  • Easy care wraps can double as a picnic blanket or wind break
  • Small sizes can double up as a shawl in cooler climates
  • Pre-tied wraps can be great for sleeping kids on planes


  • More material to store if you have limited luggage space
  • Can take longer to wrap if your little one needs to be up and down a lot
  • The amount of material can make them too hot for some in double layer carries

What size to take?

  • A size 3 is perfect for fitting in hand luggage, and will be cooler to wear in single layer carries & quick rucks however, single layer carries might not be as comfortable on long walks.
  • Size 4 or 5 can be great as they are versatile, allowing for front carries, quick rucks and multi-layer carries tied at the shoulder, however they will take up more luggage space.
  • A size 6, while trickier to pack, is the most versatile size – allowing for most carries in double or single layers meaning you can assess the temperature and length of carry – adjusting easily to your needs.
Ring Slings:

Perfect for trips:

  • When you are travelling short distances on foot
  • Where you will need quick ups and downs, such as in an airport
  • When you have limited luggage space


  • They pack up very small making them perfect for hand luggage
  • Fast to put on and take off
  • Lightweight and cool
  • Great if your little one is more independent and only wants to be carried occasionally
  • Can fit in a handbag for days out
  • Can double up as a scarf on trips to cooler climates


  • Being one-shouldered, they may be not as comfortable for longer periods carrying
  • Rings may set of airport security meaning you will have to take your child down to go through checks

Photos Courtesy of The Dukes Babywearing Photography

Oscha Carriers:

Perfect for trips:

  • With lots of walking and sightseeing
  • Where your little one needs to be up and down quickly
  • Where you are planning on sharing the carrying with a partner not practised in wrapping


  • Fast to put on and take off
  • Comfy for long periods carrying and walking
  • Airy and cool for wearing in hot climates
  • Great for airport security checks (for the Cairis, the Coorie’s rings may set off the alarm)


  • More bulky to store on a day out if your little one is not going to be carried the whole time
  • Can take longer to put on than a ring sling

Photo Courtesy of The Duke Babywearing Photography

Wraps, ring slings and Oscha carriers are all great options for busy family holidays, which one you take with you will always depend on personal preferences and what you have planned, but we hope this post helps you to decide which carrier to take on your trip!

We always like to hear our customers’ experiences  … we’d love to hear your favourite tips for choosing a carrier to take on holiday in the comments!


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3 thoughts on “Travelling with Kids: Which Carrier to Take?

  1. Shannon

    We are expecting our sixth child, and I always bring one of each type!! A sling thrown in my carry-on to use as a blanket, nursing cover, or provide some quiet for tender ears. A longer wrap thrown in the suitcase – or another child’s carry-on! – for them to snuggle on the plane, and later to be carried in. And the meh dai or buckle carrier always gets worn through the airport, because there is no metal to set off the detectors and it is so quick to get on or take off for security checks, and keeps my hands free to do everything else!! I am so thankful for the many delightful methods and carriers available for wearing our children – and so are they. THANK YOU for superbly functional, beautiful products that are a treat for the eyes *and* the back!

  2. Fiona

    Doesn’t matter what carrier/wrap you wear, you still generally have to take it off at airport security. I still choose comfort over speed for airports, standing still in long queues can be very strenuous on your back, just get to the airport in plenty of time so you can relax and not get flustered and take your time to wrap them back up on the other side. Make sure all your party’s laptops/tablets and liquids are in the same place so it’s easy to grab them out and get your bags through security. This in turn gives you plenty of time to unwrap without holding everyone up. You’ll also want a carrier that you can sit in comfortably on the plane, and you need to be aware that people will be watching you put your child up before getting off the plane, again, take your time, and then watch bub’s head on the overhead bins when you stand back up straight!

  3. Marina Hartman

    When you go on holiday with a plane, a Cairis/Coorie is a must in your hand luggage. Its comfortable when your a long time at the airport. But you can do a fast up and down when you go through security. In the plane it self, a long wrap is not convenient, but the cairis is easy wrapping.

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