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Fabric Characteristics: Unique Features of Your Woven Wrap

Each woven product has its own unique character, from nubs and slubs to wonderfully flecked wild silk, the varied nature of yarns bring a distinctive look and feel to your woven wrap.
Sometimes these natural imperfections are incorrectly categorised as flaws, this article will illuminate and explain some of the distinctive characteristics of our favourite yarns.

Please note: all of our wraps are individually checked for quality before leaving our workshop and none of the Fabric Characteristics mentioned here will affect the integrity of your sling.

For more information on 2nd- & 3rd-grade items visit this article on our Woven Seconds.

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Introducing the Elemental Collection

The Elemental Collection mixes the A/W 16 trend “Elemental” with S/S17’s “Edgeland” to create a warm, comforting Collection which embraces the last days of winter, while pushing forward towards Springtime positivity.

We have taken inspiration from our surroundings for the colour palate of the Elemental Collection. Stunning Scottish skies – from countryside to city – burn from warm purple, through teals and pinks every morning and evening creating a striking fade that we have aimed to evoke in our choice of colours this season.

moodboard 3
moodboard 4

We have harnessed the warmth of pastel tones to evoke a cosy, delicate feel. This Collection aims to create an inner sanctuary – a cocoon against the windswept wilds of the late winter months, whilst reminding the wearer of spring and the optimism of new beginnings.

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Developing the Machair Collection

This summer we are re-visting the Machair Collection and adding two fresh, light multicolour warps inspired by the wildflowers and beaches of these rare, fertile foreshores, which burst into colour each year on North and Western coasts of Scotland & Ireland.


The two gradation warps pick up on some of the original colours used for the Collection from 2012, (see the earlier collection here) to help create impressions of the machair scenery: Sandy shores and blue seas flowing into light summer skies whilst rare flora and an abundance of blooms emerge to form windswept meadows. Soft pinks and purples mimic luminous hues that blend in the evening sky. Along with some new 2 colour slings, you will also see some classic colourways in fresh patterns.

We are pleased to once again be weaving with our classic cotton/linen warp yarn, which offers a very mouldable, lightweight and supportive wrap in a 20% linen blend.  We are also now using a 2 ply, organic yarn, which gives extra strength and allows you to rest assured that your little one is being wrapped in an ethical cloth without any nasties.


The Machair warp is shown on the left and the Beach warp is on the right.

This cotton/linen warp has been combined with various weft yarns to offer you some interesting summer blends, for instance combed cotton/linen/wild silk, linen/hemp/combed cotton, and a high % linen wrap by adding in a 100% linen weft to the blended warp. The Collection also features an exploration of original patterns in re-worked and developed form; Tsurusora, Lèana, Cirrus and Nimbus.

Our first images come from the Shetland coast featuring our beautiful model, Hazel, who is due in a couple of weeks (Congratulations Hazel!). We hope that through the colours, imagery and blends of the Collection you can immerse yourself in this unique Celtic habitat – smell the sea air, hear the gulls, feel the soft blooms and grasses brushing past and glow in the fresh summer breeze!



The Oscha Gift Shop open in time for Christmas!

Image of Oscha products wrapped in retro brown paper

The Oscha Gift Shop

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift this festive season or a little memento for you and your child, we have the answer with our newly launched My Oscha range. Designed and beautifully hand crafted, in house, from our treasure trove of Oscha materials. We have enjoyed unearthing patterns and colour ways from times gone by! Take your pick from the ‘sweetie shop shelves’ of cosy hot water bottle covers, jacquard woven key rings and little Christmas tree hearts. Not to mention our array of scarves and shawls to tempt you! Visit our Gift Guide.


Roses Aphrodite Hot Water Bottle Cover Image

Roses Aphrodite Hot Water Bottle Cover

The Oscha Hot Water Bottle Cover adds a touch of class to help keep you warm this winter. Made with our finest jacquard woven sling fabrics and lovingly hand crafted in-house, these Covers are specially contoured to fit a 2 litre hot water bottle. Fully lined with satin weave cotton, they feature a pull tie, rose bud top and little Oscha tag. They come gift wrapped in Oscha stamped, retro brown packaging paper with a swing tag for you to fill in.  Shop Hot Water Bottle Covers.


Oscha Jacquard Key Rings

Oscha Jacquard Key Rings


Carry your own Oscha keepsake around with you! This handy keyring features a piece of beautiful Oscha jacquard fabric. It is stylish as well as functional; easy to find in your bag, you can also loop it around your wrist and have your hands free.  They come wrapped in tissue paper sealed with our Oscha sticker. Shop Key Rings.


Oscha Handmade Hearts Image

Oscha Handmade Hearts


Handmade Hearts are a festive decoration to add a touch of rustic charm to your tree this year. These unique, quirky hearts come in packs of 3, each containing a random assortment in different Oscha patterns and colours.

Image of Oscha Tartan Scarf

Oscha Tartan Scarf





Scarves & Shawls From softest organic Pima cotton to cosy lambswool in our range of beautiful patterns and colours – give your loved one this elegant & practical gift this season. Scarves & shawls come packaged in our ethical Oscha cloth tote bags and bound with twine. Shop Scarves Shop Shawls



Image of Oscha toy slings

Oscha Toy Slings in Starry Night Nebula and Lady Birds Paris


Made from our finest sling fabric and cut for use by children, these toy slings allow your little one to imitate Mummy & Daddy by carrying their favourite toy around with them. They make a lovely addition to the nursery for inspired creative play, you will be amazed to see what little minds invent for their use! Shop Toy Slings