Ring Sling Conversion Service

We offer an in house conversion service for any Oscha sling.
If you are looking for a shorter wrap, a ring sling or a toy wrap to be made from your favourite Oscha we can help. The quality of our conversions are guaranteed as they are crafted in-house by our specially trained seamstresses who make all of our products, including the
 original Oscha Highland Pleat shoulder style.

Oscha highland pleat ring sling being sewn in house by Sandra.

Oscha highland pleat ring sling being sewn in house by Sandra.

Our ring slings have been carefully developed by Zoe who used them with her own children and have since been tried and tested by our customers over the past four years.

The price list is as follows:
Wrap piece to ring sling or ring sling to other shoulder style:  £30
(You will need a wrap piece of about 2m for a ring sling conversion.)
Hemming into a Wrap: £15
Hemming into a shawl: £12
Hemming into a Scarf: £8
Pair of Sling Rings: £6

Please Note; Shipping costs are not included.

If you wish to send in your Oscha Sling for a conversion, please email info@oschaslings.com to receive an order form and double check that your specifications are possible. Once approved you can send it to us at:

FAO Customer Service,
Oscha Slings
24/4 Dryden Road,
EH20 9HX

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