Commissioning a Pre-order

We are asked all the time “How do I get my dream wrap made?” One of the fun parts of the job here at Oscha is collaborating with groups from around the world who want to commission a customised order. We love the creativity and new ideas our amazing pre-order groups bring, and how they enter into the joy of innovating alongside us.
Read our FAQ below and then its time to get designing!

The French Pre-order Group’s vivid Alto Bergamote

I’m interested in commissioning a custom order, how do I go about it?

First, you need to have a Facebook group of at least 700 members who are interested too. Maybe you’re already chatting to them about the Oscha’s they love and the colourways, patterns and products that excite them. Then you’ll need to send us an email so we can send you more information & an application form where you can tell us about your group’s ideas.

Andaluz Firefly colourway conceptualised by  ‘Oscha Green Love & Support’ Group

What are the minimum amounts and why do you have them?

The minimum fabric order which can be made into wraps, scarves, carriers etc is 600m for a solid colour (for reference this is around 125 size 6 wraps) and 800m for a 5 colour grad (around 170 size 6 wraps). There are different minimums for Ceo scarves, tartan, mugs or throws. Our weavers and dyers set the minimums as it’s too problematic for them to do short runs. We now have three slots a month for pre-orders, two for wraps and one for accessories, to give them the greatest chance for success.

Roses Serrae colourway developed by ‘Once upon a Wrap’ Group

Can I run a pre-order on any product you sell?

Yes, and groups are always coming up with new ideas! Currently, we have a group commissioning mugs, which is a first, and a Ceo scarves pre-order where the admins thought of offering cowls and infinity loops, which we have developed for them, and then there are the tote bags.


I’d like to know when pre-orders are running, how do I find out about them?

If you join the Facebook Group – Oscha Slings International Community you will find a file where groups post about upcoming pre-orders. They also advertise on our own customer page – Clan Oscha. We always have pre-orders running so there are lots of opportunities to be part of some beautiful custom colourways and innovative ideas

Minty Pink’s vibrant Sekai Nadia

How can I get mock ups made?

As soon as your group has been offered a ‘slot’, then you can start talking to Evonne, our designer, about your ideas and colourways and she’ll help you achieve your dream.

Rei Ametista; colourway, an inspiration of the Oscha Addicts Italia group

What other help is available?

Advice is available on yarns, gsm, products, patterns from Vicki, your Oscha pre-order contact.
The best advice on working with your group will be from someone who has done it before – another admin! They can be found in the Pre-order Admins Facebook Group, which is independent of Oscha & will be able to offer a wealth of advice.
(Please only ask to join this group if your pre-order has been approved & is in progress).

Rei Regenbogen from the Rainbow pre-order

How long does it take?

Talking to your group, sharing ideas, getting mock-ups right, voting, reaching the minimums, all can take several months before your order is placed. Once the order is with our Mill then it takes from 4 to 6 months. The timeline below, put together by the Middle Earth Pre-order Group, explains the stages after ordering.

The Journey for all pre-orders, courtesy of the Middle Earth Group

What happens with any left over spares?

We always have some spares to try to make sure everyone gets a first-grade wrap. Once all the orders have shipped, Kira will offer the spares, and scraps, back to the group. Anything left will then be sold on our site.

Matrix Heritage from the TBW pre-order group

Simona, a veteran pre-order admin, shares her experience. Here she tells us, in her own words, what it’s been like to be an admin on Italian Pre-orders ..

“Oh my, I don’t know where to begin…..

I helped to run two complete cycles of pre orders and I’m involved in some more now

Simona and the recent Mermaid and Breakfast by the Sea Collection created with the Italian group Wrap Tunnel

For me, it’s a story of a passion for babywearing that I share with others with the same passion and that creates bonds and friendship…. It’s a story of some mamas that love wraps (Oscha wraps in particular) and that have an idea about a colour, a project, and want to share it with others….

So you open a Facebook group, you try to understand how to manage all, how to contact Oscha. And you find in Oscha busy, but sweet and available, people that try to suggest you the best and that try to satisfy your requirements according to their production process.

You get frustrated for waiting for answers, you run polls for colours and blends, you enjoy with other admins seeing the big teamwork not only between admins and Oscha staff but with all the groups.

You try to satisfy most requirements and desires of the group, blend, gsm, adjusting of colour… You see your idea take a concrete form, you choose mock-ups, blends and gsm. You try your best to manage orders and resolve problems, trying to get the meters required and engaging the most people possible in your project.

And then the order is placed and after more or less four months, you get nervous for the shipping notice, nervous about results (hoping it will be as similar as possible to mock-ups and will meet the expectations of all) and finally you have, in your hands, the results of a great work that is a very satisfactory success!

And then your work is not finished because you have to try your best to assign spares to all people that couldn’t enjoy the pre-order before….

Simona showcases the creative work of scrapper Group “il club della Siarpetta” and the amazing espadrilles and other work from Wrapdillas – Needles & Doodles

Running a pre-order has been an exciting, sometimes exasperating, journey, but I’m absolutely enthusiastic about the results, and I love to see the spam photos of these lovely wraps cuddling and making happy so many children and parents……

It was a pleasure to work together with other admins, Oscha staff and all groups on those projects!!!!! I’m running some pre-orders now, I just can’t stop because my passion for Oscha wraps is enormous! Thanks so much Oscha for giving us the possibility to run pre-orders, to let us be a part of your production process and let us solidify an idea for our wraps, that will be in our memory as a sweet loving babywearing period.”

Now its time for you to head out to your community and see if you can create something beautiful with us here at Oscha … Good Luck!

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