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The Middle Earth Collection: Doors of Durin

We return to Middle-Earth for this much anticipated new design inspired by the world of Tolkien. We start our journey at the gate to the abandoned Mines of Moria with our new Doors of Durin pattern.

The Doors of Durin Mellon

The Doors of Durin is one of the most enduring motifs from the world of The Lord of the Rings – a doorway to the Mines of Moria constructed during a collaboration between the Dwarves and the Elves of the Second Age – this design is loved by Tolkien fans around the world.
We have previously adapted this timeless design to fit our gorgeous Cashwool baby blankets and throws, however this new take on the Doors has been exclusively developed by the designers here at Oscha with wrapping and baby carrying in mind.

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The Elemental Collection: Introducing Sonsie and Paven

The Elemental Collection has taken inspiration from traditional Scottish textiles for a series of new & unique patterns, continuing with this theme is our newest addition: Sonsie. Based on the rich tradition of knitting in the northern isles, this pattern harnesses comforting motifs to create a pattern which evokes memories of cosy, woollen jumpers and windswept Sunday walks in the Scottish countryside.

The ‘Fair Isle’ style is now synonymous with a myriad of knitting styles found around the world, but the Scottish island communities from which this style originates have been knitting with this specific set of motifs for generations. Read more about our Fair Isle inspiration here.

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Wovens from Middle-Earth: The Tales of Tolkien Woven by Oscha Slings

We are proud to present The Middle-Earth Collection, the official collection of baby wraps and ring slings inspired by the world of J.R.R Tolkien.

This collection is the result of a long-held desire here at Oscha to create a collection inspired by the world set out in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Drawing inspiration from the rich tales in the works of Tolkien, and with exclusive rights from Middle-earth Enterprises, we have created a series of gorgeous designs steeped in a mythology that has enthralled generations of children and adults.

With designs reflecting every detail of this world, from the geography of Middle-earth to individual characters, this Collection spans the breadth of this immersive tale.

We feel that the carefully crafted creation of this world naturally complements Oscha’s unique, timeless aesthetic. A shared dedication to creating a considered piece of art, along with a devotion to the minutiae of this folklore has allowed us to bring Middle-earth to life in an authentic and tasteful way: creating truly wearable art for our fans.

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Collaboration with Artist Elizabeth Close

We are delighted to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Anangu artist Elizabeth Close on a new design – Skipping Stones. Elizabeth creates contemporary & traditional Australian Aboriginal Art inspired by her surroundings and heritage. Elizabeth’s strong connections with the babywearing community has made this process and the final result even more touching for us. Read Zoe’s interview with Elizabeth below to hear more about how she became an artist, her influences and what inspired this particular pattern.

Skipping stones has been woven on the ‘Surf’ Warp (from our Oceania collection) and will make at least one more appearance this year.

Firstly we’d like to say how delighted we are to have this opportunity to work with you after being such a fan of your artwork! Can you tell us a bit about how you became an artist?

Hi Zoe! It’s exciting for me too! Thanks so much for approaching me! I’m not wearing as much as I used to now that my smallest is an independent being that wants to walk and run, so it’s lovely to still be involved in the community I love so much. I do however have my third baby on the way, so I look forward to wearing my babies for years to come.


Elizabeths painting inspired by motherhood and an image of her carrying her child in an Oscha Woven wrap she designed for the Australian Babywearing Conference in 2015.

In some ways, I’ve always been an artist.  As I moved into high school, I didn’t enjoy art classes because I found it so constricting. They wanted me to learn about light and shade and study the work of other artists – and all I wanted to do was paint my own things in my own style! So I gave it up at year 10. I’ve always kind of dabbled in my own projects, and I continued to dabble as I became an adult, doing some works on canvas.

“My grandmother, my single most important link to my culture, used to teach me to paint and draw – she was very creative.”

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The star-crossed lovers come together at last

In May 2012 we listed one of our early Collections – 3 different patterns all woven in ecru on a deep purple warp, we called the wraps and ring slings ‘Juliet’. Here we provide some insight into the Collection journey and development over the past four years, up to our current designs.

Japanese Knot Juliet and Rei Romeo, 2013

Later the following year we decided to expand on the theme and created a ‘Romeo’ warp of deep, slate blue. We added in different colour weft yarns to each warp and named the new colourways according to Romeo & Juliet’s friends and family, anything on the Juliet warp would have a name relating to House Capulet, and anything from the Romeo warp relating to House Montague.
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New: LoveKnot Design

For a while now, we have been looking for an excuse to expand on our Celtic knot designs, and with the advent of the additions to our Romeo and Juliet collection this spring, we decided this was the perfect opportunity to design an Oscha love knot.


Mike set to work on sketching out rough ideas from traditional Celtic knot motifs before translating them into silhouettes that would be suitable for weaving.

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Exclusively Boutique: Minerals Collection

The first boutique- only collection, Minerals features a silver fade woven in exquisite Sea Island cotton. The Collection includes a range of special luxury weft yarns, new blends and 100% Sea Island cotton slings, so you can enjoy the pure wrapping qualities of this rare material.


Inspired by precious metals and gems, the Collection showcases sophisticated tonal highlights and bold colours alongside the utmost in understated and wearable luxury wraps. Giving you the opportunity to carry your most precious gem in comfort and style. Shop the Minerals collection here.

Oscha Hand Dyed – With Love and Care

All of our dye work at Oscha is done in-house by Vicki (aka ‘Nana Oscha’!). With Mother’s Day in the UK just around the corner we asked her to talk us through how Oscha Dye Art began and how her career has changed dramatically since her husband & daughter started up the family business.

Vicki or 'Nana Oscha' getting ready to hand dye a batch of linen baby wraps.

Vicki or ‘Nana Oscha’ getting ready to hand dye a batch of linen baby wraps.

Once upon a little while ago I used to run my own consultancy working in large organisations as a team developer and executive coach, now I work with my hands, creating Oscha Art & graduation dyed wraps. When I meet up with ex-clients and colleagues they invariably ask if I miss my old work, the answer is not really, for I love what I do now.

Dyeing wraps is a physical job, mostly undertaken out of doors or in an unheated space, so it’s definitely a big change – before I spent much of my time sitting down, either in stuffy offices, or travelling.  Surprisingly, for me, I enjoy the constant exercise and fresh air, although perhaps less so on frosty days when my fingers get chilled!

I find the dyeing process very meditative. There’s something therapeutic about performing a series of tasks that don’t require speaking, leaving the mind clear. But most satisfying of all is the art of creating, by my own hands, and seeing, when the process is done, a row of wraps hanging on the drying rack, with the finished colours revealed in all their beauty, and knowing that a baby or small child will be lovingly wrapped in them.

Vicki selects the dye colours for Jade Spring and is beginning to mix up the dye powder.

Vicki selects the dye colours for Jade Spring and is beginning to mix up the dye powder.

Every stage of dyeing an Oscha grad and Art dyed wrap is done by hand. From sitting crouched over the dye pots to make the mix, hubble bubble, to heaving the many buckets of water solution into tanks, to rinsing, drying, checking and packing. And each step must be done with care for it can be incredibly frustrating to find spots of dye where they’re not meant to be.

Amongst the first wraps Oscha produced were our Art & graduation dyed linens (we now additionally use 50% linen/50% cotton diamond weave which has a wonderful lustre). We were at the beginning of our journey of discovery then, and learning how much care and love needs to go into everything we do.

Zoe and Mike developed the dyeing process; researching how to dye manually, and sourcing the materials, taking particular care to ensure we had dyes that were safe for babies. As the original makers of 100% linen wraps, finding high quality linens that were finely spun yet strong enough to be suitable for wrapping required much research, thinking outside the box and working closely with testers to continually improve on the range of fabric we work with.

Jade Spring wraps being created in the dye tank.

Jade Spring wraps being created in the dye tank.

Mike, with his engineering background, analysed the dyeing process and built the apparatus I now use. Zoe and Mike worked together on the recipes I follow, a lengthy process of trial and error, learning from mistakes to finally get to our range of beautiful colours, smooth graduations and crafted Art dyes. They were delighted with the extensive feedback they received, especially that these baby wraps were not only beautiful and supportive, but the most breathable around; perfect for keeping cool during hot summer days.

Now Mike & Zoe focus mostly on design work for the jacquard weaves, and I am the resident Dye Artist. I remember what it was like to be a mother of small children myself and all of the work I do acknowledges this most precious time, how the fabric I create will be used to snuggle little ones, and this infuses my craft with love and care.

An Oscha customer wearing Jade Spring with her child.

An Oscha customer wearing Jade Spring with her child.

Happy Mother’s Day to you all!

To see our full range of Hand Dyed wraps- visit our shop here.